Xsara chucking a tanty (1.6 16v 02)
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    Default Xsara chucking a tanty (1.6 16v 02)

    dont you just love it!!..need to get the ol fella to the hospital post haste.. get him ready.. jump in Xena, she cranks but will not fire..she ha been demoted to street parking so she was obviously sulking.

    10 minutes later after rearranging the driveway I'm piling dad into the very low slung Astina..not ideal for an 84 year old with one leg..oh naturally its showing red light for low petrol...


    Cut to the chase...Xsara feels like an ignition problem..

    is this a known issue with this engine? , I notice the coilpack/ignition module is common to the a 206, 307 and others c2 c3 belingo.etc

    I had a few prior engine murmors that may have been a hint of pending failure

    do these parts just fail?

    At this stage not 100% sure if the coil pack/ign module is the problem so have posted in WTB for a good 2H part that I can try out.

    Ideas anyone?

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    Kenny can be more specific, but the Sagem ECU (if that is what it has) does not always respond positively to a dead coil; it may cause internal damage.

    You really do need to put it on a Diagbox or Lexia interface to see what's happening as it runs.

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    Those small French cars do seem to eat coil packs for breakfast. My C4 did at around 65k, my mates Clio at 110k. Another issue not experienced with just French cars could be the the actual ignition lock & barrel surround? I'm not sure if they have the key security system where there is a chip in the key head (not the remote) and there is an aerial around the key hole and the car won't fire unless the two match up. I had a Magna just spin & not fire. Aerial had snapped through on surround. Auto electrician soldered it back together all good. Also informed not to hang other keys off car key & avoid dropping the key, as it can damage the internal chip. Moral of story: Call out an experienced Auto electrician. Some things I just would never have guessed.
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