Citroen family businesses. Thanks be praised
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    Default Citroen family businesses. Thanks be praised

    Need a main accumulator for the CT turbo. A service part, right? Phoned Sydney branch of the largest supply of European auto parts in Australia. After relaying vin number.....Nope, don't have any and won't be getting any.
    Phone Christie's European Autocare in Penrith. A Ct turbo accumulator ...Oh yeah, that's the same one as for a ... and a ..... How many do you want? It is in the mail.

    The CT 's clutch started slipping yesterday. Another service part, right? You would think I would have learnt.
    The same big supplier....Nope none in the country will take ages to source on from OS and it will cost a fortune so the story goes.
    Phone our local family clutch and Brake specialist Barton and Ceely Motors. Have they got a clutch kit for a CT turbo? Hold the line....yep our supplier in Adelaide has three on the shelf, $400 will be here on Thursday.


    I will be contacting the small supplier first in future.
    I am certainly missing Yong Wong from the old Auto France.

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    Wow not even small suppliers in SA will have Citroen cx ds gs parts. So i guess i need ur email and banking xetails. Got myself a cx prestige 1982 2400. Automatic carbeurator. Few things i need. Oil and temp sensors oil breater pipe. Ill take pics

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    We all miss Yongie. My long deceased old man had an interest in a parts mfg business, but left it when Yong Wong would have still been young Wong. I walked into Auto France for the first time and the minute he knew my name he guessed right and out came the reminiscences. I was stunned. He alone knew what was in that Aladdin's cave. He could walk to a tangled mass of rubber hoses and pick out the one you needed by appearance alone.

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