C5 suspension faulty
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    Default C5 suspension faulty

    Has anyone had their C5 tell them that "suspension faulty. Max speed 90km"?
    My local cit&pug expert replaced the fuse & topped up the reservoir but fuse blew again almost immediately. Anyone any ideas particularly about costs if pump has to be replaced. My car is a 2005 2.2l diesel wagon.


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    The pump has 4 carbon brushes in the motor and they can possibly be cleaned to revive the pump. If it has been drowned in LDS, you can end up with a sticky carbon mixture inside. Don't undo the cap at the other end as there is a small sphere-like chamber inside and I don't know how you'd then fix that.

    If you need to replace the pump and buy used (priced a new one?), try to get one from the same or later model as there is a minor plumbing difference for the reservoir connection. You could work around that, but it's simpler not to have to. The ECU bolted to the top of the pump can be swapped if it's the wrong sort, say from a later full-CAN car.

    There's a car of your model on eBay in a 99 cent start auction if you wanted a parts bin. A bit too farthough.

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