Xsara steering wheel controls to new head unit wiring
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    Default Xsara steering wheel controls to new head unit wiring

    A while ago I posted requesting an original 2003 Xsara head unit so I can utilise steering wheel controls, that post I think disappeared down to the host failure at about that time.. but I remember that I was informed all I needed was a head unit with a remote control socket on the rear..

    I have a Sony with just so..and now looking for a basic wiring diagram so that I can adapt the original plug to the 3 pin "audio jack". I could try all combinations but would prefer to start with the right connections..

    The steering wheel control has a series of resistors to allow for the various functions..any help in this regard would be appreciated rather than trawling through the mountain of (dis)information otherwise available.


    Thanks in advance

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    There's a thread on cxoc.net somewhere try the search

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