things you see in Penang
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Thread: things you see in Penang

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    Default things you see in Penang

    Just been on a short holiday to Georgetown Penang in Malaysia. While doing a bit of shopping went into a supermarket and found this packet.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quimper, as you may know, is in Brittany. My wife being a Breton, this caught our eye. Lovely town too, well worth a visit if ever you are there.

    The 2CV is very much associated with the traditional Bretons, whose women have a traditional costume involving lace headdresses. Some are low but there is one area where the lace headdress takes many hours to put up and rises about 40 or 50 cms above the head. Almost impossible to then travel by car with it made up, except as in the 1950's it was found the 2CV with the roof rolled back was perfect. In the drawing you can just make out the headdress of the driver sticking out of the roof, along with the amused chook in the back seat. My Mother in law assures me that this was quite widespread back then, although the occasion for the wearing of these headdresses has diminished over the years, and the skills are slowly going.

    You will also notice some menhirs so beloved of that most rotund and strong ancient Breton, Obelix, along with the cow grazing to stamp this as indelibly Breton.


    It just struck us as a very unusual place to find this product. Nonetheless we purchased a packet and have brought it back here for my Mother in law. Apparently the shortbread is delicious and she was most appreciative (happy M-i-l, happy wife, happy life)

    Also it is wonderful to see how much the products of Citroen are used to help promote other products and are indelibly linked to France (and in this case a region). I wonder if any other vehicle make has such a close, immediate and strong cultural tie?

    Hope this interests some of you at any rate, and if in France travel to Brittany, it really is a different and special place (oh and the food is wonderful)
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    Hi Peter OOO
    Thanks for the fun snippet about something really French

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    When I lived in KL, there came to my attention a deceased estate in Penang of about a dozen or so neglected classics. Most appealing were an Alfa Mo trial and RHD Citroen SM. Neither was running, both in fact quite scrappy, and the price asked was high, so I never bothered. Wonder what ever happened to them. Was about 5 years ago.
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