1.6 HDI Injector issue
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    Default 1.6 HDI Injector issue

    I was reading a C4 forum and came across a post about the fixing bolts on the injectors becoming loose over time and possible engine damage occurring Just checked mine and 3 of the injectors had loose fixing bolts only a little more than finger tight. As this can lead to very expensive failures I thought it worth a mention it may have come up before on this site ,but as Im a newbie I couldn't find anything. Defiantly worth checking PS engine running smoother since they were tightened .


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    Yes, this leads to a leakage of fuel past injector (esp on apparently No 1 & 4 Cylinders, UK C4 site) ,we could see and smell fuel , which then leads to injector becoming frozen in the head (Carbonisation around injector ?) Fix is 2 cheap seals if you can extract the injector. If injector is destroyed in this process ie removal they cost about $800 +. Known problem with some Fords and BMW/Mini that share similar engine and also many others according to my diesel mechanic ,fortunately he was able to eventually remove the injector without damage !!
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    signs can be chuffin sound and a hard black tar substance leaking out of the injector hole. I had this on my Picasso, I got the motor very hot and whlie the tar was soft, I managed to pull the injectors out. the copper washers were destroyed and had to be replaced... after the seat was recut.. job was a good one

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