CX wiring loom again
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    Default CX wiring loom again

    There must be some out there who has a CX 2500 donor car with a wiring harness, I have tried to trace the rats nest and getting knowhere. I am doing a rolling retoration and cannot take the car off the road so, just need a harness for a template to make a new one for my car using the haynes manual (and a magnifying glass!)

    I cannot aford to take it to an auto electrition.




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    A tough call. Plenty of 2400 around to wreck. Much fewer 2500's were imported here. There are generic loom kits available. I wouldn't trust the Haynes manual either i.e. The Prestige diagram leaves out the rear door mounted electric window switches and ventilation actuator control. Apart from the fact that no two CX's seem to be exactly the same with many running changes throughout production. The fuel injection system would be the complex part. Where did the rats do the most damage? Post some photos. Others may have done similar repairs?
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