Xantia brake valve removal procedure advice please.
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    Default Xantia brake valve removal procedure advice please.

    My '94 Xantia VSX Auto brake valve is leaking badly & whilst I have found a few posts describing the valve assembly details etc., I can find no description of the removal procedure.
    I have a spare matching parts car with a good valve & have to do the job twice, so any clues as to the best method would really be appreciated.


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    Isn't it buried in the plenum chamber like the one in the XM? I thought you remove the cover and can then access it. It will have a pushrod from the pedal with the spring inside it to make it feel less direct in operation.

    Is the rubber button/boot on the donor valve OK? That's a common fault and it then leaks LHM inside the car.

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    There are two 10mm head bolts securing it inside the firewall/toeboard; the upper one is hard to get to as you need to remove the brake pushrod plastic bit and use a ľ" drive wobble head and socket, or offset ring spanner.

    If you can get it away from the firewall after removal of these two bolts, consider replacing the boot and metal ring in-situ. I'd suggest you allow for the return lines to break from old age as well. Fixing the longer one requires skinning the appropriate leg of the joiner behind the LHM tank.

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