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    Default EGS Gearbox Sport Mode

    Does anyone know if/when they dropped the Sport mode button from EGS-boxed cars, like the C4?

    My 2008 had it, but I cannot find one on the current models.


    For those who don't know, Sport mode halved the shift times.

    In Auto the times were 1.2s or 0.6s using Sport.

    In Manual (using paddle shifting) the times were 0.8s or 0.4s using Sport.

    Thanks and cheers

    Trevor G

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    The current model with EGS box being the eHDi where the e stands for environmental. That probably had something to do with the removal of a Sport mode as it would be regarded as contradictory to the environmental aspect. Perhaps it was also determined that the sport setting conflicted with the stop/start setting or data analysis of earlier models determined that most customers were not utilising sport mode and therefore it was decided to delete it for economic reasons.
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