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    I am replacing several parts of the Pluriel Roof including the two cables all of which have come from the UK with no installation instructions. Does anyone out there have a diagram of the roof parts and how it all comes together? Also, should the cables be lubricated before installation if so, with what type of lubricant? Have tried to obtain this information from the parts supplier in the UK to no avail .. I live in Northern NSW and maybe someone knows someone up this way with Pluriel experience.......any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance John


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    If you google Citroen pluriel roof repair you will get an english guy who also repairs pluriel tops and sells spare parts, but doesn't mind giving out information.

    I have had to wind ours out twice now to reseat a pin which holds the locking mechanism in place. I should really get a new mechanism but as soon as I get the clutch actuator it needs and the car succcessfully starts and drives, it's going straight to the tip. ;-)

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