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    Does anyone know if there is available new pre-cut/moulded seat covers for a S1 CX. looking to update as they are getting old. Just get a professional upholsterer to fit.

    the seats themselves are in great condition. If not, what would be the best plan?

    Dream would be leather......



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    Years ago I replaced the original jersey coverings on my 1978 CX with Almara or Alcantara or some such name. It was a synthetic suede in a light beige colour. Looked like chamios leather. These are the steps I took:
    1. Removed seats from car.
    2. Washed seats with liquid laundry liquid and eucalyptus woolwash. This saturated the foam and was rinsed off thoroughly with a hose. They take a few days to dry but it removes the smell of stale farts and other bodily fluids (depending upon the effect your driving has on others)
    3. Then removed covers which are just affixed by metal clips. Note that I washed the seats with the covers on and let them dry as I didn't want to distort the foam backing.
    4. I then removed the cloth from the foam backing of the centre and bottom of the seats. The bit that has the rectangular grid pattern. This foam was reused mainly as a pattern to recreate the grid design as well as being needed to get the quilted effect. I could have used new foam to achieve the quilting but would have had no guide lines to stich the pattern.
    5. The piping on the edges is easy to do as you just wrap an 1" wide strip of material around the old black plastic piping and sew a seam along it.

    The car looked a treat. Synthetic suede can be washed using soap and doesn't harden or stink like real leather suede. It also feels warmer in winter and cooler in summer than leather. It also grips your bum like velcro rather than the dance floor grip of shiny leather.

    I did all of this on my wife's sewing machine, but you need a ton of patience to do a job like this. Sadly, I doubt that the seats would have found a new home as the car was written off. Continental Cars were advised of the wreck (which also had a brace of twin Weber 45DCNF carbys) but were outbid.


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    Just find a good motor trimmer. If you can afford it use Alcantara but it is difficult, and any trimmer I tried didn't like it. Mine was re-trimmed in a velvet like material, close to what was there but not quite correct. The trimming job was perfect though.

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