BX steering valve leak
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    Default BX steering valve leak

    I have a leak from the top of my steering valve. There is a repair kit, part number 4048 Q8 listed in Citroen Service. Does anyone know if it is still available locally?
    The top seal is a common variety, but I think that if it is leaking then the LHM must be leaking past the internal O ring. I guess that this one would not be too common!
    Anyone done this repair recently?


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    I bought one last year via Continental Cars, so it should remain available. It includes a few different seals, apparently so you can pick the one you need and discard the rest. It's possible that the one you need for the BX is one I would not need for the XM, but there is only one set of internal seals.

    It's worth noting that the flow divider kit is listed as no longer supplied, although the two little filters apparently are. The seal dimensions are not listed in the XM parts list, but it's the same kit. Does the BX listing show the individual seal sizes?

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