Citroen Xsara mixing oil and cooler
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    Default Citroen Xsara mixing oil and cooler

    Hi there,


    Have 2003 2.0l Xsara automatic that's mixing oil and coolant for some time. Have checked auto transmission oil and engine oil and are normal color. Not sure if its head gasket or one of two oil coolers (transmission cooler and engine oil cooler ). Had auto transmission oil cooler failure recently on my sisters 2002 VW golf and mixture color was a bit lighter so suspecting engine oil cooler failure on Xsara but not sure. Did anyone have similar problem? The car has done 125000 kms and I am carefull driver not really pushing it. Is there a way of finding out which of those two is a problem?


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    Why are you leaving it? It will ruin every rubber hose in your cooling system from the inside out, this removes any hope of reliability.

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    Default oil?

    Hi Vedranc
    What engines does it have. The diesel engines have an engine cooler but not the petrol engines. The coolers fail due to corrosion so the coolant should be changed on cars every couple of years to help prevent this. People rarley do this in my experience The aluminium radiators also need the protection too.

    As addo says, get on to it as it will rot the hoses and clog the cooling system. Probably need to take the cooler off and test it under water with air. More likely than the head gasket if there are no other signs.

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