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    Default C5 X7 (2008) towbar info

    Hi Gang

    I would like to have a towbar fitted to my car, but when you live in Adelaide you have to deal with Turkeys who don't even know what is required & can't give you the same quote one day to the next, plus it is a very inflated price. I have asked for a price prior to xmas last year & they came up with a figure of $1382.20 ok left for a bit as things are a bit hectic just before xmas, got a new quote over the phone on Thursday last week of $1200.00 (I new they had forgotten something) so I asked for the quote in writing via email, got a phone call from apolagising that the quote I was given was incorrect (Surprise) as they didn't realise that the wiring loom no longer came with the towbar & needed to be ordered separately, new price $1656.40.

    Is there anywhere I can get a genuine towbar fitted by someone who is more professional??

    any assistance would be welcome



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    Witter Fixed Swan Neck Towbar for Citroen C5 Saloon 2008 On C41S | eBay

    email a few sellers and get postage quotes. You'll probably be a similar price to the towbar. It was cheaper for me to order in a new towbar from the UK with a relay bypass kit, than it was to buy a 2nd towbar without wiring locally for the 407. (plus it was delivered to my doorstep rather than me having to drive to the other side of melbourne).
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    You could try VolksTorque and see if they have one from a wreck. In Melbourne, BM Spares would surely have wrecked a current shape C5. You would want to check whether the sedan and Tourer bars are the same though. They were slightly different on the previous models.

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    I bought my C5 X7 Tourer in April 2009 with the optional towbar and I remember there was a delay because the Tourer needed a different bar from Sedan and they had to have it made and complianced. So they are different. They need an electronic repeater box to run the trailer lights because current to the existing lights is closely monitored. Trailer weight for Sedan is 1300kg braked with ball weight of 63kg.


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