Coughing Xantia 2.0i 16v
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    Default Coughing Xantia 2.0i 16v

    My manual Xantia has developed an intermittent stutter which starts to happen only when the engine is hot after an hour's driving or so. It happens at low to moderate throttle openings and low to moderate revs (i.e. in heavy traffic). Resetting the ECU has not fixed the problem. Various posts here and in the UK suggest either the MAP sensor or the intake manifold temperature sensor as a culprit - does anyone know a way I can diagnose further without going to the expense and trouble of replacing those units in turn and seeing what happens?


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    Have a look at your operating parameters on Lexia, there may be some oddness. Best to watch it from dead cold to when the cooling fans come on. Also don't discount the simple but known issue of a dodgy positive cable from the battery to fusebox.

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