Just bought a 79,000k mint condition C4 07 manual in Melbourne on Sunday afternoon

The tow truck driver that picked up my Renault Trafic put me onto a guy out near hoppers crossing he did the repairs to my 06 Renault traffic 100DCI after a kangaroo hit a month ago near yass went down and picked up the trafic last week while there I noticed he had a couple Citroen's including a 11 C5 with 7000 on the clock have told him I am in for that maybe February just need to get rid of a few other cars LOL

Paid $7500 with 12 months reg for the C4 am going to give it to my nephew for Christmas runs sweet first car I have ever owned where the speedo is dead accurate and under 100K on the odometer LOL


Told him I am very interested in the 11 C5 he has
anyway had to post been a while got the Renault trafic its a great van needed a van for my business got a C4 as well