Citroen assembly in Australia
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    Default Citroen assembly in Australia

    I've just purchased from Ebay a copy of a magazine "Cars Today", January 1956, Volume 2 number 9. I bought it as it has a (disappointing) article on the DS19, to add to my DSdownunder archive (now over 60 articles). I've not seen this publication before, it was published monthly in Melbourne and bears an uncanny resemblance to Wheels magazine of the time.
    In the news section there is a snippet relating to Citroen assembly in Australia:


    "Citroen cars will be assembled in Australia soon, but the projected output has not yet been settled.
    A Citroen factory representative recently spent three months in Australia investigating facilities."

    Interesting in that as early as 1955 Citroen were looking at assembly (presumably of the DS) in Australia, and why did it take another 6 years to eventuate.

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    They needed to find somewhere first and blueprint the works out, West Heidelberg became available across the road from Amcor which had had a number of marques through it, and then they needed to tool up which i would guess was a couple years more. After that they had to hire the talent etc, maybe another year in planing.
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