You may recall a couple of years ago Donat found an interesting GS for sale on with the idea of having a car in Europe for participating in meetings with a real car. I went ahead and bought it and made it available for AFs to use over here. No one wanted to use it so I took it to ICCCR in Harrogate. I have replaced lots of bits to make it look prettier and go well. I have just put it up for sale again on the same site.
I have no garage and stored in the open even under a car cover, it is starting to show spots of rust under the doors. It needs some TLC and as we are having to change our life style as a result of health and ageing issues, it has to go.
The plusses are obvious in the ad, a real eye stopper and fun to drive. The negatives are that it is LHD and insurance for non-EU residents in Europe is not easy.