C3 SensoDrive clutch?
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    Icon5 C3 SensoDrive clutch?

    G'day all,

    A friend has a Pluriel C3, 2003 I think, which is a nifty little thing but will no longer go up hills.

    Based on a test drive, it shifts okay up and down, no odd noises, but the clutch slips terribly under load. It still gets up to speed if babied along, and the engine itself seems pretty good. There's a distinct clutch smell about it when hot (which confused the hell out of me until I googled "sensodrive" and discovered it really does have a clutch.)


    She took it to a dealer whose computer reckons it needs a whole new transmission at $3500 but they didn't actually look at it otherwise ... at 110,000km or so I can't help wondering if it is just worn out clutch plates or the clutch actuator is all boogered up. Mind you, coming from a motorcycling background I don't know much about automatics semi- or otherwise!

    Is there a decent mechanic in Melbourne (North East preferably, the car isn't that mobile ...) who'd know about these things? No-one I know is going to be of any use. She's trying to work out if it is worth repairing or should be traded in on some less fun but more working car ...



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    Hi Nickzoic, try Elliott at Tune Mobil, he is FRENCH and spent several years at the Citroen factory a very nice person and a very good mechanic, you can contact him on 0412391205 he operates from Mt Elaza/Frankston, give him a call.
    Regards Tony

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    You can swot up on what Sensodrive actually is in an illustrated article at CitroŽn C-3 Sensodrive. A diagram shows the changing mechanism mounted on the standard type clutch and gearbox.

    Another pic here- http://www.educauto.org/Images/trans...%E9l%E9charger
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