Proud new custodian of 1964 id19 Rally car
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    Default Proud new custodian of 1964 id19 Rally car

    Hi to all,

    I have just taken delivery of the id19 rally car many of you will be familiar with (see earlier post under cars/parts for sale), thanks to Chris Dunham for patiently and competently organising the purchase, exchange and delivery.

    The car arrived from Perth to Gundaroo (near Canberra) safely, after travelling in a train container across the Nullabor, then truck from Sydney.

    The plan for me as custodian, is to register under historic registration, for occasional club runs and maintenance, and to maintain the vehicle preserving both its Hiedleburg and rally history. The car will be kept in a dry shed and I plan to use it for dry runs only.


    Thanks to the wealth of information in this forum and guidance from individuals on early d's, particularly Donat and previous owner Chris, I am a happy new custodian.

    Regards David

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    Congrats! There's something very magical about the early ID's and adding the Aussie charm that the Heidelberg cars have makes yours a winner. Looking forward to reading about its future adventures.
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