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    Default Berlingo queries

    G'day All. Im looking at buying my 1st frog skate (I did own a 205GTi that was being built for the track but was never doesnt count).

    I've found a 2005 with approx 190K on the clock. I've read about the gearbox & linkages, the alternators, & the rumours of French electricals resembling a 60's built British car but I'm still in love with the quirky look.
    The van will be used as a back up / emergency job van for my electrical contracting business so will only see about 10K km per year.
    The thought of all that power from the 1.4 is scaring me, so my modifying head has been spinning looking at what can be done with it.


    So, if my research is correct, the Berlingo I'm looking at is based on the pre 2010 facelift C4? What other models can I look at?

    Suspension from the C4?

    Brakes from the C4 as well or?

    Thanks for your help.
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    The 1.4 petrol engine was used in the C3 here as was the MA5 gearbox.
    Not C4 with the earlier Berlingo as far as I know. That may be true of the later models, which were sold here in 1.6 diesel form.

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    Iv seen one on the net in England with a pug 306 turbo diesel, chipped, would be a lot of messing about with wiring i should imagine PUGS

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