Retro fitting rear seatbelts to DS Safari. Ideas?
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    Icon5 Retro fitting rear seatbelts to DS Safari. Ideas?

    Has anyone in the Citroen community had success at fitting 3 seat belts to the rear bench seat of a DS Safari? If so, would you please share your method!
    I have a Safari DS23 1974 and am rather wary of using the back seat for extra passengers. The rear seat is presently being used for luggage etc or is laid flat to create a larger storage space. I believe that cars that did not have seat belts fitted originally are not required by law to fit them. However I do feel that the addition for safety reasons would be an improvement.


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    My 1974 Safari had 3 static belts in the rear.

    I've kept the centre lap belt, but added two retractable belts each side.

    The downside of this (or my fitment, anyway) is that the retraction mechanism fixed to the top of the wheel arch gets in the way of the unfolded strapontin.

    I can take some pics on the weekend if you'd like.

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    You can see how they are fitted in my Safari here.

    This works well. Is easy for passenger access and never interferes with the load space. The centre one is a lap/sash set.
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