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    Default Cit's in Europe

    A friend has just returned from Europe and sent me these photos...

    ...of 2CV's in various French villages.

    ...The D was in an underground car park in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. It was gone by the time they returned to their Punto, so it is a car in use.

    Thought you might enjoy....


    Cit's in Europe-imageuploadedbyaussiefrogs1372666739.246517.jpg
    Cit's in Europe-imageuploadedbyaussiefrogs1372666750.174449.jpg
    Cit's in Europe-imageuploadedbyaussiefrogs1372666759.124288.jpg
    Cit's in Europe-imageuploadedbyaussiefrogs1372666770.141247.jpg
    Cit's in Europe-imageuploadedbyaussiefrogs1372666781.124538.jpg

    Via the aussiefrogs App

    Paul in Canberra

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    I also returned recently, and have been meaning to do a bit of a write up, but got lazy. While over there I have noticed a reasonable number of 2cv, generally in small towns. Not one DS was seen even though I clocked over 3500ks in three weeks.

    What was amazing was the number of Xantias! Either green or blue, dozens of them. Mostly diesels, their owners seem to love them, judging by how well they seemed looked after.

    Other than that I also noted the overwhelming number of modern Citroens, and wonder how they can be broke judging by the numbers they are selling.

    Went to a dealer near Marseille in the hope of spinning my story being a Citroen fan for Australia and getting some freebies like stickers etc....My Ar$$& ! I got sweet FA. But when we got talking about the C6's in his yard he said he could get me one with 20000 to 30000 ks for $15000, and one with ZERO Ks ie: NEW for $30000 ! They just can't sell them, the majority drive C4 size cars. Very few C5, except administration or police. The trend is really to smaller cars.
    I can really recommend the new C4 though, and also it is quite benign looking, performance is interesting,
    ride is VERY good and comfortable, definitely an improvement on the previous one. Shame it is so ugly...

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    and bloody good too!

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    Default Euro cars.

    From my recent trip to Spain and Portugal.

    This is one SWEEEET R...
    Cit's in Europe-rallyr_small8.jpgCit's in Europe-rallyr_small1.jpgCit's in Europe-rallyr_small2.jpgCit's in Europe-rallyr_small3.jpgCit's in Europe-rallyr_small4.jpgCit's in Europe-rallyr_small5.jpgCit's in Europe-rallyr_small6.jpgCit's in Europe-rallyr_small7.jpg
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