Need advice on 2.7 hdi in C5
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    Default Need advice on 2.7 hdi in C5

    I'm looking at buying a C5 - it's a very good price and the car has not been thrashed. Got an inspection done by a Citroen mechanic (not naming names but he's got a good reputation - this isn't a dealer inspection or a NRMA inspection).

    He identified two issues:

    1. There was a small amount of oil mist near the inlet - he says that he's not sure if this is indicative of a bigger problem, but that I should be wary as it may require the instrallation of a new turbo - he can carry out a more detailed inspection, but if this is aknown problem, I don't want to spend money just to find out that I shouldn't buy the car!


    2. It's due for a timing belt change according to the handbook (it's just clicked over 100k), but he says that in his experience, the same engine in the Peugeot doesn't require a timing belt change until 160k, so he was a bit suprised to find that Citroen is suggesting 100k.

    So, two questions:

    1. Can I rely on the Peugeot suggested interval? I don't want to be up for $1500 for a service.

    2. Is the oil mist something others have seen or heard about? I must admit, it worries me slightly...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Maybe, just a weeping seal? Is there any abnormal turbo whine and has it had regular oil changes?

    You might also check for leakage of all fluids around the engine and suspension and ensure the electric handbrake works correctly.

    The timing belt issue is really your choice. Yes, same motor, but different recommendations by different outfits for their own reasons. If the cost of the timing belt is a problem, then you should either factor it into the negotiated price or you buy some other car. You will have to pay eventually.

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    Go by your gut feeling, an old adage says if in doubt don't, unless the car is a bargain buy.

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