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    Default New Citroen Fan

    Hello, or should I say bonjour?
    If you had told me 12 months ago that I would be the proud owner of two Citroens I would have laughed at you.
    I had pretty well always owned Holdens before that.
    I had bought a house in country (WA) and my Commodore was a bit thirsty for the numerous trips I was doing.
    I started considering a deisel.
    The roads are a bit rough around Bridgetown WA, so I started considering a gas suspension. I guess you can see where I'm heading? The C5 was the only car that fitted the scenario. I bought a second hand one (40Ks) and haven't looked back. I love it, the most comfortable car I've ever driven (guess that's why they call it a Comfort). I've had it for 9 months and it hasn't missed a beat. Economy is astounding, giving me 1000ks to a tank, used to get 600 out of the Commodore if I was gentle. The fixed stearing hub is a gem, I love the cruise.
    I was so impressed with the C5 as a tourer, that I considered the Citroen brand for a little town car.
    I was also keen to have two cars with the indicator stalk on the same side!
    Found a DS3 Sport with 7000 k's and bought it. Love it too. So completely different to the C5 that its hard to believe they're from the same manufacturer.
    So there you go, I now own two Citroens and am wrapped with both of them.
    My only complaint is the cost of servicing, which here in WA, seems to come out at around $1000 a pop!
    Oh, and an electric drivers seat that retracts and pins the rear passenger in when the drivers door is opened.
    Anyhow, now I understand the passion of you Francophiles, am am pleased to join you.


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    Default new citroen fan

    wait until you find out about the older double chevron'ed ( spelling??) cars, then you will really be a Citroen tragic !

    welcome to the fold, lots of people will think your crazy BUT hey that's also part of the fun because they just dont get it!

    many happy days of motoring and congratulations.

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    Welcome Hodgo, As for servicing the C5 make sure that they use the correct engine oil must be fully synthetic Mobil 1 ESP, Total Quartz ineo ecs 5W30, I suppose there are others on the market that you can use so long as they have the right recipe and do not be fobbed off by some grease jockey who thinks he knows sweet F/A, your fuel usage is on par, however I manage just over 1200k per tank, service intervals for me are set at 10k regardless, and you can use after market filters, enjoy the ride.

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    Can I recommend doing the regular maintenance service tasks yourself if time permits? I've found it to be a bonding experience, and a good way to save some labour charges. Go to Eurocare in Burswood if something is amiss; cheaper than dealers, and great work.

    I'm stuck in Peugeot land for now, but Citroen is just a small jump across that PSA barrier! I'd love something like a CX or SM one day!

    Also check out the car clubs around the place! French and Fantastic started up this year, and is full of fire. Lots of events and knowledge and passion there!


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    Bravo. If only more Australians would allow themselves to experience other makes.

    Anyone that tells me a Commodore is a great car to drive leaves me rolling my eyes. Relative experience is a good thing.
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    Citroen Car Club of New South Wales member.

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    Welcome Hodgo,

    There's no going back now, I hope you are aware of that.

    Also , please do yourself a favour and exclusively use Total Quartz ineo ecs 5W30 as your engine oil, no matter what your serviceman says.

    DS Un jour, DS toujours !

    DS23 IE Pallas Automatique Borg Warner
    C5 X7 163 Exclusive Automatique AM6
    C3 II 2010 Automatique AL4
    Peugeot Boxer Van hired from T.....y, that was manual!
    and bloody good too!

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    Hi Hodgo,

    If you join the French and Fantastic car club you get all the help and advise and you will be amazed how many (mad?) Citroen owners there are in this state. And not only do they own the classic ones but also the newer ones. My wife and I are in both camps (DS-2CV-C3 Plurial)

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    Welcome! I bought a Renault Clio early last year. I was down-trading, and it was the cheapest car with 4 airbags and ABS. I put in a bid at an online auction not expecting to get it that cheap, and I did. Fully prepared to onsell it, I was gobsmacked by how well it drives for a cheap 9 year old base model town car.

    Sadly it's now being replaced by a company car. Despite being slightly larger, and 9 years newer, the Prius C just does not drive as well as my Renault. Or accelerate as rapidly.

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    Welcome to the club Hodgo aussifroggeris zykra is the F&F President and you can contact him for more info using the messages or via the website
    You have a choice of clubs in WA with the Association of Citroen Enthusiasts or the newly formed French and Fantastic. The F&F has quite a few of the aussiefroggers as members
    Hope you enjoy your cars.
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    1991 Mazda E2200
    1924 Citroen 'la petit citron'

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    Good choices there. I love driving my C5 X7 and the diesel DS3 we leased in France in 2010 was a blast.

    Can I offer some simple advice? Read the instruction manual. When you have read it once, repeat that a couple more times. In doing so you will discover handy things like how to deactivate the seat retraction when you want, even how to make the speedo and odo read in mph if you wish - then you can also brag to people about your mpg stats if you're that old.

    If you travel on dirt roads you may also find that putting the gearbox in Snow mode makes it more driveable as it starts in 2nd and takes the next gear sooner - reducing wheel spin.

    Welcome to AF and keep us posted on how your C5 is going.
    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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    Didn't know about the French and Fantasic Club, I'll join. I don't have to have half my brain removed, do I?
    Neither did I know about the Snow-Dirt mode or being able to deactivate the seat retraction.
    Seems I've got a lot to learn about French cars. Still,early days yet.
    I'll probably start taking the cars to Eorocare in Burswood after their warranties run out. At the moment they're going to Allpike, who, I assume, know the correct oil to put in them (although!).

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