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    Default DS Mischief managed..

    Greetings all


    I finally got a chance to repair a return line leak on the DecidedlySpecial this arvo. This was the return line from the rear left suspension boot which crosses over to the other side of the car through the boot and then runs up to the front and back to the can. The result was a massive stain on the underside of the car, which actually was there when I bought the car , but had been getting progressively "wetter" over the last few months.

    The line had been fed underneath the height corrector rod which connects to the rear swing arm. Over time, as you can see in the pic it had worn a groove and hole in the tube. Access to patch the hole was next to impossible so I had to replace the full length of tube to the junction at the rear right side. This time I fed the line over the connecting rod so I don't have a repeat of the problem.

    Hopefully that's the end of the leak, otherwise it's source will continue to be a mystery.


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    A ha, the possible source of that inscrutable, indelible driveway deposit.

    Pleased you discovered the leaking hose, it can end in tears if finally tearing in two. A repair sleeve is the easy fix and usually permanent, though perhaps not as tidy visually. Well done on yet another effective repair.


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