Pluriel Sensodrive Gearbox Jammed In Gear
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    Default Pluriel Sensodrive Gearbox Jammed In Gear

    I have an awkward problem which does not seem to get an airiing on internet forums - I'm hoping someone might know one or two things.

    Tghe Pluriel (with 100,000km) started to change slowly from 5th back to 4th a few weeks beforew it died. It would take 3 seconds or so to make the change.

    Then, on the day it failed, 3 intersections before home it would just rev up when in gear after stopping for the lights. If I shifted back to neutral and then into gear again it would take off (the clutch would engage), otherwise it was just as if it was in neutral.

    Finally, on the third occasion I decided to stop the engine and see if switching the car off and on again would solve something. Unfortunately the car would not even start and after it was picked up the Citroen shop confirmed that it was stuck in gear and could not be shifted out, even with all the electronics and actuators removed.

    Do I find another gearbox or does someone pull these apart and fix them?


    Thanks for any help and advice/suggestions.

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    Trevor, assuming it is mechanically locked up and you have been able to discount the clutch, actuator problems, and any failed bearings, you might suspect a selector with a failed rivet. I think you'll find mention of this elsewhere and also in relation to the Berlingo, which is essentially the same MA5 gearbox. Any dealer with MA gearbox experience should have no trouble fixing it, either with a bolt or by replacing the selector. Changing the bearings and clutch kit at the same time would be sensible at 100K.

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