C5 hydraulic oil return pipes
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    Default C5 hydraulic oil return pipes

    Am thinking seriously of buying a 2006 C5, what is the reliability of the return rubber pipes for this age car? My Xantia has serious problems with the oil return pipes cracking & failing, the engine compartment is so full that it is almost impossible to get at some of them to replace them, am I likely to run into the same problem in the near future?




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    It's quite a different design and there are just not the return lines you find in Xantia/XM and earlier. They are fitted rubber and steel pipe sets and the LDS is shared by the power steering and suspension, but not the brakes. The pipes are better as they are reinforced rubber and there are less of them, but LDS tends to sweat at the joints and it's eventually a reasonably expensive job to fix, depending on how it's attacked. The usual problems are the power steering pipes and the lines between the suspension pump and front Hydractive regulator. If they are leaking, factor the job into the price, but if not, you should get a few years before there is any problem. The good news is they don't just snap off like the Xantia/XM, but do not expect to replace them with $200 of hose and fittings when they do leak. The C5 does use the same front strut leakback hoses as found on Xantia and XM.

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