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    Icon9 Plurial sensodrive problems! Help

    I'm trying to help a friend with an emotionally disturbed sensodrive in his plurial. He took off and as it did its 1st to 2nd change, bad noised came from the gearbox, and it failed to proceed. he turned it off, and now it won't start. as i have a xsara, i must know lots about citroens, so he asked me for help. (he knows zero about cars). I googled and found heaps about resetting these beasts, and have followed the couple of slightly different proceedures, basically disconnect battery for 2 minutes (or more) reconnect, sit in car with everthing off and closed, foot on brake, ignition on and wait for the dash selector to read "n". I hear it clunking away until it stops, but the dash still reads "auto". where to from here. said friend is not in a position for a new gearbox as suggested by the dealer he purchased the car from new. Help!


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    Something inside has possibly broken. Likely failures are the input shaft bearing, the clutch release bearing, the pinion bearing, but also, one of the selectors has a rivet that can come apart and cause the gearbox to lock up. It may be more involved that you are hoping.

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    Not a solution sorry, just some things to look for.

    Interesting that the motor will not start. Problems with the sensodrive I have come across normally have the car running but the gearbox not going into gear (or coming out of reverse). Are there any warning lights showing up? Have you been able to check for fault codes with a portable reader? Problems I had with my sensodrive were fixed when I repaired ABS wires which had been chewed by a rat. Are all the lights working around the car? (can be an electrical earth problem - esp if break switch not functional - will not start without a signal from a depressed break). No blown fuses?
    One of the two actuators may be out of alignment. Have seen a couple of videos on youtube on how to check and service these (on a SmartCar not a Citroen).

    All the best of luck.
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    Pete, forgot to mention today that I have a Lexia jigger now and it seems to work.

    Cheers, Pottsy
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