DS Transmission oil leak(s)
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    Icon5 DS Transmission oil leak(s)

    In trying to find where the oil which drips off the trans drain plug originates I am mystified with one source. On the RHS brake calliper gear oil runs (slowly but surely) from the joint between the caliper body and the transmission drive shaft housing. So far as I can see from the various drawings in the W/S manual the only possibility is that oil is leaking down the thread of the lower of the large diameter bolts which secure the calliper to the housing. This would only be possible if the bolthole is open to the oil in the housing. This bolt is VERY tight, as specified.

    Has anyone else had this problem and is there a, preferably simple, cure?


    Another leak originates at the crank-handle dog. Hopefully just needs a new o-ring.

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    Is the car a BVM or BVH? If a BVH it is possible that you have a leaking shift piston in the lid and that the tranny is over filled with fluid.


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