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    Default Rust Stuff.

    This might be of interest when you have to stop the rust.

    I have just had the front of the roof support welded up on the 72 D Special and at the same time some of the sealing strips on the ears and back wings.

    While this was being done I got talking to Alan at Schenk's who did the repairs, about rust prevention and he showed me an Aussie products called Xtroll which he maintains is the best one to use on any rust on the DS. His experience was it was better than the imported products.

    They are in Macksville NSW,


    I sent them an email and got the Xtroll rust conqueror and Xtroll silver within a couple of days and very trusting they put an account in the box to pay by direct deposit.


    Contact info for Schenk & Co Alan or Chris (02) 9748-2438
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