reset all ECU's on c5 citroen
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    Default reset all ECU's on c5 citroen

    DAVID S replied to tadpole re resetting all ECU's on c5 citroen . My c5 is a 2007 model 2.0 litre HDI 6speed auto .
    I ask DAVID S Does the same proceedure apply to mine as tadpole's 2.2litre 4speed ?


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    Sorry old kev,

    Can you link to this thread please.

    I would just disconnect the battery for a few hours. Then reconnect, turn on ignition for a minute to reset date and time and try to restart. My C5 although the new shape has the same engine and transmission as yours.


    Ken W

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    'Tadpole' is just the type of user, not a user's name or ID. A new user begins at the tadpole level and there are thousands of tadpoles here for that reason. If you ask about all of the possible problems with your Citroen, you might quickly progress to being a 'Fellow Frogger'!

    I don't know which comments that I might have made are being referred to. Perhaps, it would help to explain why you want to 'reset' the ECU's? There are now some quite specific threads on this forum dealing with 2.2HDi 4 speed problems, so they are worth a read through to see if your concerns are any of the common ones for that model. The factory diagnostic tool has specific procedures to 'initialise' each ECU and clear any faults recorded. Leaving the battery out doesn't have that effect as far a I am aware. Consult the handbook when dealing with the battery.

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