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    Default Service Intervals - newer Citroen

    Hello, does anybody now what the Service Intervals are for late model (ie 2012) Citroens? Warranty book says 6mths/10000 km, but dealers advised this has been changed to 12mths/15,000.


    By the way the Citroen Aus website is useless - when are they going to update it to be in line with Pug website which has much better information such as service intervals, oil recommendations etc . You would think this would be one of the first changes to improve customer communications.

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    It depends on the model.

    If the dealer states it has changed from that which is specified in the service book, please ask them to provide that in writing.

    <cue endless debate about the quality of oils, frequency of changes, phases of the moon, reproductive cycles of west African swamp frogs etc etc>

    As to the Citroen website we can only hope/imagine that it is on Sime-Darby's list of things to do. I agree it has not been the best in the past year or so and SD may have a large task to align it with their company standard whilst also retaining Citroen specific style branding and actions.
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    It probably depends on the model you're after. My 2007 C5 has 1 year/20,000 km which is reduced from the European 1 year/30,000 km standard because Australia is considered to be a "harsh environment"... Which reminds me I have to book it in for a service.
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    My DS3 was originally 6mth/10,000km but I believe it's now 12mth/15,000km.

    Yes, the CitroŽn Australia website is very poor ó as it's been like this for quite some time I don't hold much hope of it being fixed anytime soon.

    The attachment is what I see on my desktop machine when I load

    Service Intervals - newer Citroen-citroenwebsite.jpg

    When I look at the site on my iPad (which doesn't have Flash) I can actually see stuff, though it's hardly worth trying.


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