c5 II 2007 HDI, uneven engine speed whilst coasting
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    Default c5 II 2007 HDI, uneven engine speed whilst coasting

    Anyone knows why engine seems to be "erring' whilst coasting say on a flat road in 3rd gear?


    Idle whilst stopped is perfect, plenty of power, no other problem, but when reaching say 3 or 4th gear and backing of the throttle and coasting say at 50 or 60ks the engine sound then modulates?
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    Possibly an EGR valve issue if it has a random surging on a light throttle. Enough to gently nod your head at constant speed. Is that what you mean?

    Have you taken it for a decent run lately? It could even be sort of stuck part way through a soot burnoff (i.e renegeration).

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