I am looking for a crankshaft timing belt sprocket for an XU9 motor. (1989 BX19TRI, it has a 113 tooth cam belt)
I am a ham fisted oaf with a BX19-crank-sprocket.jpg

You may have noticed that I recently took on the forlorn broken down BX19 from Andrew in the ACT (Amclod) with a view of getting I back on the road. I think the car is well worth saving though I have wondered at times what I have taken on!

My problem today is due to my own stupidity. I have had the head off to cure a leaking head gasket which was filling the radiator with combustion gasses. The head is now ready to go back on, tested for flat and a couple of valves lapped. Not too much corrosion I think.

I am a ham fisted oaf with a BX19-bx19-head.jpg I am a ham fisted oaf with a BX19-bx19-head-off.jpg

The crankshaft pulley was off and I am replacing water pump and tensioner. I noticed the sprocket was loose on the crankshaft so thought I would slide it off to look at the seal behind. Honestly, it moved off 75% of the way with virtually no resistance, then stuck. I could not get a finger nail behind it so I used a screw driver. I can't believe how fragile the flange is on this!

I am a ham fisted oaf with a BX19-sprocket-back.jpg I am a ham fisted oaf with a BX19-sprocket-front.jpg


It seems that all that centres the timing belt is this thin flange and the back face of the Vee pulley. I am reluctant to reassemble with this as it may chaff the edge of the belt.

Does anyone have one of these to sell from a dismantled motor?

Thanks, sorry for the ramble.