Xantia Pinion seal replacement.
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    Default Xantia Pinion seal replacement.

    Xantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-1.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-2.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-3.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-4.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-5.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-6.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-7.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-8.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-9.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-10.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-11.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-12.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-13.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-14.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-15.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-16.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-17.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-18.jpgXantia Pinion seal replacement.-pinion-19.jpg

    1 is the pinion assembly as removed from the car.
    2 is the end of the unit where the seal is to be replaced.
    3 is the removal of the dust cover.
    4 shows the dust cover removed.
    5 shows the removal of the metal support ring for the dust cover. It will get damaged from being removed, I used a socket and hammer to reshape it back to normal.
    6 Now you can see the circlip, which has to come out.
    7 circlip pliers being used to remove the circlip
    8 now you can see the old seal inside, which has to come out too.
    9 Carefully drilling a small hole in the old seal.
    10 Now you can see the drilled hole.
    11 Screw being screwed into the small hole to grip the old seal.
    12 Pliers used to lever out the old seal
    13 The old seal is out.
    14 Using a cotton bud to clean out the seal area.
    15 Using a strong screwdriver magnet to remove any swarf from drilling into the old seal.
    16 The new seal half in, prepped with some moly grease.
    17 The new seal all the way in.
    18 Circlip half in.
    19 Circlip fitted, now just replace the metal dust cap support and dust seal.
    Then it's ready to fit to the car.
    Have fun...
    George 1/8th


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    Thank you George. Those photos and labels are most informative.


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    Thanks for the photos George and sharing the knowledge.


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