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    "The Saint" Season 4 Episode 2, The Abductors (1965)

    Just watched this episode, making my way through them all slowly.

    This episode is full of Citroen's, 2CV's, A Traction and mega loads of ID's.

    Just Watched Tonight-saint-s04e02-abductors.avi_snapshot_35.13_%5B2013.03.05_22.21.34%5D.jpgJust Watched Tonight-saint-s04e02-abductors.avi_snapshot_45.55_%5B2013.03.05_22.20.40%5D.jpgJust Watched Tonight-saint-s04e02-abductors.avi_snapshot_35.59_%5B2013.03.05_22.21.51%5D.jpgJust Watched Tonight-saint-s04e02-abductors.avi_snapshot_40.09_%5B2013.03.05_22.23.51%5D.jpg

    The Info for the show


    Shortly after meeting the Saint in a Paris night club and informing him that he is being followed, Brian Quell is kidnapped by a gang led by a man called Jones in an attempt to lure Brian's brother, a professor, to work for foreign agents. Brian is killed and Jones plans to abduct the professor at the funeral. The Saint is under suspicion for the murder and, in escaping from the police, hides out with a young girl called Madeline, who has won a holiday to Paris as a prize. She is in turn abducted by Brian's killers and the Saint must rescue her and head off the professor from falling into Jones' clutches.

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    Sounds like a typical Citroen owners weekend activity...
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