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    Default DS Toe in setup

    DS Toe in setup-attached-wheel.jpgDS Toe in setup-overview.jpgDS Toe in setup-bolt-going-.jpgDS Toe in setup-bolt-hold-position.jpgHaving finally got the beast back on wheels and bouncing like a D should, I thought I'd have a go at setting up the toe. I've never been happy that it was right, and a visual inspection seemed to indicate lots of toe-out, which, while normally OK on a front wheel drive, is not what the spec says (2-4mm toe-in)

    So, encouraged by this set up [DS23 - Wheel Alignment I had a think about how to go about it.

    A quick check in the stocks of stuff brought to the new place showed no planks suitable as such, and none the same size.

    As luck would have it, I also brought along an old extension ladder that was sound in the stiles (the sides) but dodgy in the rungs. A bit of work with a sabre saw and I had two identical three and a bit metre long lumps of fibreglass re-inforced timber that's straight as a die.

    Attachment to the wheel was a bit of a poser at first so the head was scratched for a while. Then I remembered that my wheels have a square hole in the centre so a bit of trial fitting with a long coach bolt revealed that the head would weasel into the hole sideways, but latch in there when perpendicular to the wheel. Score!

    Because I only had long bolts I had to use a spacer (a socket) but that provided an easy means of support with a pair of jack stands. The other ends rest on a plank with calibrated makings on it all supported by another pair of jack stands.


    I set it all up then adjusted until the planks were parallel. Once that was achieved, I brought the whole lot in by about 15mm. I must admit to not having calculated it all properly, but that seemed about right over the 3 metre length.

    Visually lining up the front wheels with back ones by sight provided me with a notional centre point, and the steering rack centring cam was adjusted to suit.

    Rough and ready, sure. Effective? You betcha. Right out of the box the car now tracks straight and true with none of the wander previously present.

    I call that a job well done and will reward meself with a refreshing libation!

    Just thought I'd share.

    Cheers, Pottsy

    When I can persuade the system to accept my photos, I'll put them up, in the meantime, use your imagination!
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    Nice work Pottsy . I just use a tape measure on the tyre treads and the results have been good enough. I set the cam on the road.


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