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    I have a 2004 Citroen C5 diesel just wondering if any body can tell me where I can the Right hand side engine mounts and any idea how much they would be Thanks Everyone


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    There are three 'mounts' at the right side. The main engine mount, a dogbone stabiliser link and there should be another stabiliser link at the bottom. The big bush of the bottom stabiliser can be bought separately and pressed in rather than buying the whole casting again. I think it's common with a Berlingo, but there are a few that look very similar, yet have different applications. The dogbone needs replacing when it tears, so it's fairly obvious if it's had it. The main mounts are liquid filled and eventually just sag. The bottom may bulge. Sometimes, it snaps it's stud off and that can happen at the gearbox end too, often on the V6.

    You should put the VIN into Citroen Service to confirm the part numbers, but I expect the mounts are:
    Dogbone 180628
    Main engine mount 184493
    Bottom stabiliser assembly 181621, but look for just the bush at a fraction of the cost of the assembly.
    Gearbox mount 184494

    I'd guess the dogbone is torn and the mount sagging. Price them with a dealer, but the usual suspects locally and overseas are worth trying too. e.g. European Auto Imports, Dapco, eBay vendors etc.. Freight from overseas may be a lot as they are fairly heavy parts. They are all quite expensive and you could sink the best part of a grand into a full set of new factory mounts.

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