The Carsguide in today's Brisbane Courier Mail arrived today. It praises the new current shape C5, but they get so much wrong, to the point of making the reading not worth the effort. Would you believe there is NO reference to hydropneumatics, no reference to the optional ( and realistically, now mandatory ) conventional springs and the 6 speed gearbox is supplied by ZF ! ( Isn't it still the Aisan Warner product ? )

And as they had no responses they have assumed that we are are a pretty happy bunch. maybe so but I wonder if the writers do ANY research.

The bias against anything supplied by a non German company is a pretty common theme though I note there is a frequent reference to being beware of faults with VW / Audi gearboxes .. both the real autos and the clever electronic manuals and dual clutch thingies. They are aware of the reduced life of modern brake rotors and pads too, so I suppose it is not all bad.


I am now officially described in the local press as a "rusted on" consumer.

Perhaps things will change in the press once the new importer gets going and hopefully provides press vehicles.