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Thread: Wallaby catcher

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    Default Wallaby catcher

    Coming home from a barbeque last night in the C4 my wife hit a biggish wallaby about one km from home. We park the car and hear this thrashing noise from the front of the car. Closer inspection reveals a wallaby tail whipping out from under the bumper bar with said animal caught on the plastic undertray. Who said the front of these cars are too low? Now wouldn't you have thought the designers of the undertray would have made it wallaby proof given that citroens are a "world car". They seem to be interested only in keeping French pedestrians off the front of the bonnet. At least we are having wallaby patties tonight so there is a positive in all of this.

    Any ideas as to which super glue welds undertray bits. I bet its polypropylene that "laughs" at Q bond and other acryl..whatevers.


    Come to think of it I must ring my engineering friend if he still has that sheet of aluminium...
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    There is a steel replacement sump protector for the 307 - might also be available for the C4? It would permanently solve the problem...



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