Traction Brake Adjustments
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    Default Traction Brake Adjustments

    The Spare Parts Book shows snail cams for adjustments.


    Can someone pls confirm it's clockwise to close the gap bet shoe & brake drum?

    My Land Rover Series 2A has similar and the cams are pigs! If you go the wrong way firmly enough, the stop on the cam hits the pin & breaks the crimp connection bet the cam & the rotatiing shaft which on the LR is ultra weak with aftermarket adjusters. I ended up welding ALL of them.

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    The cam is on both the leading and trailing shoes at the rear and of course on the 6 the front has twin leading shoes. The cams should be set so that the rise in the cam is BELOW the point of contact with the shoe on the drums for both shoes. Then the spanner is raised to increase the cams pressure on the shoe pushing the shoe into closer contact with the drum. Consequently, looking at the drum on the car the adjuster on your right will move anti-clockwise and on your left vica versa.
    To confuse matters more----when you set up new shoes there are also cams in the mounting point for the shoe. These rotate around mounting pins on the rear brakes and are built into the rear of the slave cylinders on the front brakes. There is a need for a special gauge to set the concentricity of the shoes to match the radius of the brake drum when mounting reconditioned brake shoes. These tools are shown in the work shop manual Plate 60 of the diagrams.
    Cheers Gerry

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