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    Default Tyres, hooray!

    I know that a few bods here have sung the praises of Longstone tyres and their amazing service. Well, my 5 new Michelin XAS 180 X 15 tyres and tubes arrived safely from London via Australia Post. What on earth has happened to this country when it costs 1/2 as much to bring in tyres yourself. (Actually it works out at quite a bit less than 1/2 the local price) If you thought "maybe I should get some shiny new wheels", I can't recommend Longstone highly enough. Get onboard.

    On another note, I currently run Michelin XVS 185 X 15's on the 69 DS. I used to always keep them at around 32 PSI, now I keep them at 36 PSI, higher than the recommended dose I know, but I prefer the feeling. Is there anything to suggest this is no good for the car, or tyres?


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    As long as the increase in pressure does not distort the tread bracing layers and cause the centre areas of the tread to wear faster than the edges. Time and usage at this pressure will see if it is OK.
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    Do you not find the drive a little lumpy and the spheres feel a tad more stiff at 36psi?

    I've noticed that with both the SM and the ID that if you put the same pressure in the front as the back, it feels lumpy and you feel more conscious of the fact you even have trailing behind you. So I go for 32 in the front and 30 out back which works for me.
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    For the mileage, usual speed and trip distance you do, it shouldn't give you any grief.
    Personally, I'd be using a lower pressure, but I'm unaware of any likelihood for trouble.
    The new molds, tooling, compounds and factory are yet to be tested by consumers to their worn out limit given the short time they have been available.

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