Fuel Gage Issue Xsara
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    Default Fuel Gage Issue Xsara

    ok can we just assume all the PSA jokes have been made first and move strigt on to the advice part

    1)Xsara Fuel gage not showing true fuel levels
    2)appears to be sticking


    1) when turn the car on it will show that the fuel level is lower than it should be. if turn car off then back on will pop back up tot he correct level

    2) when driving long distance will hear a little pop or click and then see the fuel gage needle drop to the new level does not gradually move down

    can any one help

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    Must be because it's a Citroen! Equivalent Pugs got the good fuel tank sensors and all that and would never happen on a Toy-ota.....
    I'd be interested to know, not that my Xsara fuel guage behaves like this exactly but occasionally it does show lower than it actually is. Usually when it is at 1/4 tank after parking on a slope it will show empty until I stop for a while on flat ground and it will be back to normal.
    I've gotten around worrying about it by filling the tank full and setting the trip meter. I consistently get over 750ks on a tank and in any case the light will come on when getting empty while driving......come to think of it I've only had the problem occur 2 or 3 times.
    The other day I drove 880kms on a tank, that is from south of Wollongong to Byron bay cost $62 and that was with the aircon on the whole time!

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    Mine occasionally just shows empty... There is a printed variable resistor on the pump/foat assembly - I suspect cleaning the track up will sort it out.

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