Another set of C5 problems.
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    Default Another set of C5 problems.

    The C5ll has settled in and is the subject of a race for the keys on more than one occasion. It has also started to show up a couple of faults. On two occasions after demonstrations on how the auto can be driven as a manual it has misbehaved the following day. The first time it was changing down harshly in the lower ranges and today, taking off from the lights and doing a right turn it changed out of first and into nothing then banged back into 1st. It was as though it ran out of oil.
    Drove it around for the rest of the day, about 200km, no problems. The gearbox is AM6B and is mounted behind a DW10BTED4.

    The second problem is that the boot wants to open itself on Ďoddí occasions. It seems to be related to the opening or closing of the doors.


    I would appreciate opinions on what I do to cure these problems, thanks.

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    Occasionally if I take off hard in first it will stay there till nearly 5k rpm. I have never had troubles with the automatic changing down. I use the manual all the time for slowing down or driving on slow inner city roads with speed humps. I read here that in the country it is better to use sport mode, so that the standard mode stays adapted to usual city driving. That might be my problem with taking off hard in drive when I need to.

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    Leave the car in auto unless you wish to use engine braking to slow down. The coordination between the engine and gearbox and having heaps of torque available means you don't need to try to out think it.

    In my opinion you have "confused" the computers and it has adjusted to your driving style that it has read from the inputs/actions detected. Take it for a good drive leaving it in auto and drive it like you normally would.

    Car computers do learn driving styles these days - one of the reasons I hated having to use fleet VP Commodores years ago - they would take ages or a bit of aggressive driving to adapt from having too many "Nanna" drivers.

    As to having the car in sport in the country - why? At 100 km/h it is going to be more likely to hold 5th and therefore use more fuel.
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