2007/8 C5 reliability
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    Default 2007/8 C5 reliability

    Am looking at a "C5 exclusive HDi X7" to replace my Xantia CT, Qld car rego 433KPH, anyone know it? Lives around Gympie I think.

    2.0 l turbo diesel 6 speed auto apparently, with reasonable goodies, 167000km.

    Is around $11,000 reasonable?

    Anything I should especially look out for? Are these good reliable machines?

    Comments gratefully received.




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    Firstly, it's NOT an X7 series C5 looking at the photos on Carsales. it's the last of the previous series, but you;d want to check the build date versus the complaince and first rego date to know what you have. You won't get any clean X7 with change from $20K, but spend a bit more.

    We've covered this question a few times recently, so hunt around. However, the last of the old series were excellent cars and that car is not unreasonably priced if it's OK. Aside from overall condition as usual, you'd look for at least creaking rear arms, driveshaft vibration on sweeping bends, worn lower control arm bushes (wanders), hydraulic leaks (p/steer and hydraulic oil return), possible turbo whine, pinkish Xenon headlamps (means aged), check for no slip on typically the 2-3 upchange when hot (not very common). Make sure it's got a proper service history and had the recalls peformed, particularly the brake vacuum valve and air mixer / doser valve. Some of them surge slightly around 60k/hr with a very light throttle, which can be an EGR issue - not today's problem though. The alternator has a one way clutch in the pulley and it is likely to give out at that sort of distance (not sold separately here), as might the EGR valve and it will probably also be due for an Eolys refill very soon - there's the best part of $1K on each of those three jobs via a dealer. Overall, a good car to own if it ticks all the right boxes for you. Don't be afraid of high (genuine) country km!

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    The price is reasonable if you never have a problem
    I spent over 15 grand on my 01 C5 HDI 10 grand was gearbox problems alone
    I only got 5 grand back for it so cost of 12 grand to buy then another 15 grand in bits and pieces that went wrong 3 years later 5 grand and it took nearly a year to sell
    I have seen that car on-line and thought just a little while longer and the X7 cars will, be at the right money

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