Citroen C5 HDI Help Please
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    Default Citroen C5 HDI Help Please

    Hi All


    I have a 2003 Citroen C5 2L HDI with an automatic gearbox.

    I just pulled up to work and noticed fluid spraying from the bottom of the car. I raised the suspension and there is a leak from a set of metal tubes running down the middle of the car (where the gearbox would sit in most cars). the fluid spraying out is very light oil, possibly diesel.

    Are these lines the fuel lines? or the hydropneumatic suspension lines or something completely else?

    Any help this morning would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance


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    You will need to be a little more specific about the location and the type of fluid to get a useful answer I'm afraid. Is it leaking from the pipes or just dripping from them because it's leaking from something above??? You need to identify the fluid. Diesel and DOT 4 brake fluid should be fairly easy, but LDS is orange and gearbox fluid could be anythng from golden to black, but all look fairly colourless in small quantities. If it's at the back of the engine down the firewall and you have the 3 sphere per axle Hydractve suspension, it's possibly the front suspoension lines, but it could just as easily be the power steering pipe set. Both are steel pipes with rubber sections and will leak eventually. Neither is inexpensive. The hoses on the bottom of the suspension fluid reservoir are also prone to leakage, which can usually be fixed by changing the factory hose clamp to a worm drive clamp.

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