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    Default Xsara VTS

    Hi, I went in to a dealer to buy a 2008 TD Megane and ended up with a 2002 VTS instead, definitely heart over head on this one. Its a bit battered but very low klm and seems to pull and drive well. I dont mind spending some money on it to keep it running well as long as it does not turn into a money pit. From what I read about reliability it does not really sound that bad. Probably have to change a few bushes and make sure the timing belt and water pump are replaced.

    Anyway I went to get comprehensive insurance and got quite a shock. Its costs more to insure than my 2009 Maxima which was 6 times the price and much faster in a straight line! The crazy thing is the estimated value of the VTS from RACQ was $10 500 and I could not get agreed value any where near the purchase price. Must have been a lot of crazy drivers years ago pushing up the risk, must be a low sample size as it is hardly a common car.

    Has anyone got any tips on where to get reasonable insurance for these?

    Seems very odd that a good Peugeot 306 gti goes for $7-9K and the VTS is almost half that for nearly the same car?

    I thought the VTS was easier to drive and more comfortable than the Clio Sport that I test drove last month, certainly the Clio looked a lot better but it might not have been the best example.


    Overall very happy, the test is how I feel a few months from now.

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    Join a car club, get a CAMS licence, insure with Shannons. That'll make it cheap as possible.

    Xsara is easy to get bits for, and they're usually well priced. I'm a hard-nosed shopper and EAI are sometimes coming within a dollar or two of UK prices with postage factored in.

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    For me Citroen's have always been more expensive to insure than Pugs. The Xsara VTS I used to own was more considerably expensive to insure valued at $25k (this was a ages ago) than my 207 GTi valued at $10k more with the same NCB.

    My dad got a better rate for his Xsara 1.8 by switching from RAC to Allianz, so I would shop around.

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    Possibly just the result of the insurers' experiences with that model and what they know about repair costs and parts. I'd guess with an extra two doors and a VTR badge, it would be a good deal less expensive to insure. Also, insurers probably have low expected claims by typical 2009 Maxima owners by comparison. You only really know if you've bought a good insurance policy when it comes to making a claim!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mackys13 View Post
    From what I read about reliability it does not really sound that bad. Probably have to change a few bushes and make sure the timing belt and water pump are replaced.
    280,000 'well driven' kilometres and still going strong. Driveshafts feel like they're ready for renewal, but that's about it!

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    Default Bomb insurance

    In country NSW bomb insurance is way less than 200 bucks if over 25 years. Get a steering lock and enjoy.

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