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    Default Vale Alexander (Sandy) Johnston

    Citroenists of a certain age may remember Sandy Johnston in Canberra. He was a strong supporter of Citroen, being a founding member of the Citroen Association of Canberra and was its president for many years. He owned string of Citroens, from TA's to DS, CX, GS, Xantia and even Bijou. In its heyday, the association was a very active in promoting family outings and supporting the marque with tech days and monthly meetings. On most Saturday mornings there would be a gathering of Citroen enthusiasts at his house discussing matters Citroen over coffee. He built a sphere regassing rig and held a stock of most commonly needed spare parts. He had a substantial collection of Citroen memorabilia.


    He had been in poor health for some time and passed away on 6 December. His funeral will be held on Thursday 13 December at Norwood Park Crematorium at 10.30am with refreshments after.

    Richard Procter

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    We were only talking about him at the South Coast branch Xmas lunch last Saturday (1/12) as one of Sandy's old D Specials is in new ownership in Cooma and is being restored. He was a Citroen legend that I never met but heard much about. RIP.
    Craig K
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    Sad news indeed. RIP Sandy.

    Roger, if you still reside in Canberra, did you know of Jim Pendergast, the Citroen service agent in the 70's? I lived in Canberra from 70 to 84, and used to virtually live in his workshop! I always wondered what became of him.
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    Sad to hear. I would visit him every time I was in Canberra. He had been in poor health for a long time. Hope you are more comfortable now Sandy.

    Sandy was the prime reason I bought a CX in the first place. I had been looking at V12 Jaguars but couldn't find a good one. Then a CX was advertised at half the price of the Jags. Sandy managed to convice me that the CX wasn't actually all that complex. He was so convincing that I bought that car and did 250k km over the next 5 years. Apart from the usual 4 speed synchro problem, he was right. Lots of miles, lots of comfort, not a lot of money.

    And I well remember the 'technical' day at his house. Nearly every Saturday for many years. I was always welcome. And there was an endless supply of coffee and frequent anecdotes from a long and varied life.

    Farewell Sandy. I will miss you. And condolences to his loved ones.
    Robert Thorne
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    Oh sad news. Sandy was a most welcoming guy. I was taken to his house one day and had never met him before but he treated you like he had known you forever!
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    I was saddened to hear of Sandy’s passing.

    I was also a founding committee member of the Citroen Association of Canberra, and well recall the first meeting at the ANU Staff Club in 1975 at which the CAC was formed, with Sandy as its first president.

    There were some halcyon years for the CAC that followed under Sandy’s enthusiastic presidency, as well described by Richard.

    The heart of the CAC was really centred around the D Series cars and their enthusiastic owners - of whom Sandy was one - who liked to work on their own cars, with, of course, input from GS and, later, CX owners.

    You could still buy a new D in Canberra in 1975, and there was a good number of D Series cars in the city and surrounding areas.

    While Sandy was president, the CAC had for some years the enthusiastic support of Richard Saberton, who also owned a D, and was head of automotive engineering at the then Canberra TAFE College. The CAC had many technical Saturday mornings at Canberra TAFE, with access to both specialist expertise and first class equipment, such as hoists, that made DIY servicing and repairs so much more achievable.

    Highlights of the CAC’s many well attended social activities were the enjoyable Winter weekends at the original Canberra Alpine Club Lodge at Mt Franklin. I attach some photos of one of those memorable occasions.

    Unfortunately, the historic Lodge was destroyed in the fires of 2003, and now Sandy has gone too, but the memories of Sandy and those long-gone days remain.

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