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    Default C5 Instrument lighting

    My 2002 C5 has just lost two thirds of the panel lamps behind the multi function display.
    Is there any (simple) way that I can replace these lamps short of removing the engine etc.?


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    It's not that bad. The engine just has to be jacked up a bit, just kidding.

    Prise off the front trim cover. From the bottom I think. Then there are a couple of screws to remove and the unit can be removed from the recess. Unplug the wire socket but have the ignition switched off. The globes are the tiny ones with just a couple of wires on the side of the base, that just slide in. Use the more powerfull of the two available, I forget the actual wattage.

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    I have made a suggestion on a previous thread that LEDs make a permanent solution. The problem on my Xantia was that the lamps were not making proper contact with the panel board into which they clipped. The exact ones for the C5 will depend on the size of the hole etc, you can solder the LED with a dropping resister directly onto the mounting board I think, this is a permanent solution as the lamp life is measured in 10s of thousands of hours. Use coloured ones for coloured indicators, looks better than white lamps.

    Most LEDs run best at 20ma current so size the dropping resistor accordingly. The polarity is not a serious problem, although they will only work one way round, solder the LED to its resistor & try it with the panel lighting on, if it works first go, solder it in place, if not swap it around then it will work & solder it in that way. Turn off the power to the panel while soldering just to be sure you do not damage anything else.

    E=IR where E is car voltage less the voltage required by the LED, I is the desired current, & R is the resistor you need. Should be around 500ohms depending on the exact LED you choose.

    Note you can put 2 resistors in a common hole if that works better, just recalculate the resistor value taking into account the total volt drop for the 2 LEDs in series.

    I havent seen a C5 panel so I do not know how practical it is to wield a soldering iron in the space available, using a non corroding flux to clean the board around the soldered joint helps a lot, wipe the joint with metho on a cotton bud after soldering. Flux cored solder & a flux pen from some one like Jaycar.

    Hope this will be useful.



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